Small Firm.
Big Experience.

Here at Edwards, Faust & Smith, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide the quality and experience of a large accounting organization with the warmth and personal touch of a small firm.

EFS has provided audit and accounting, tax, business consulting and information technology services throughout the region and beyond for the more than 20 years. Our focus is spending quality time with our clients to provide solutions tailored to their needs. Working at our office, on-site or “virtually” via remote services, we here at Edwards, Faust & Smith are always available when our clients need us.

What sets us apart from other firms?

  • All our partners worked for “big four” or large regional accounting firms, gaining their experience from some of the best people in the profession.
  • We send partners on every audit, compilation, and review.
  • Our turnover is very low, so our clients can count on familiar faces and staff that know them and their business.
  • We have passed every peer review with the highest rating since our establishment in 1991.

Efs News

  • How to Have a Smooth Audit!

    Be ready for the auditors. Complete all the items listed in the year-end letter before the auditors arrive. Auditors are busy people, scheduling jobs weeks in advance.  When they arrive at a job, they expect the client to be ready for them. Waiting for information and extra unplanned trips to the client’s site cost time and money. Ensure that pertinent staff are present for the audit. Auditors always have questions for the financial and related staff. If the related staff, CFOs, department heads, bookkeepers, etc. are in the office and available during the audit, it makes for a more efficient Read more →

  • Social Security Changes

    Double claiming has been eliminated for people who turn 62 after 12/31/2015. Some dual-earning couples who are 66 or older have “double claimed” by having the lower earner claim half the higher earner’s social security temporarily while allowing the lower income individual’s social security to build. Dependents can no longer claim payments if the primary claimer suspends payments.  In past, individuals could claim social security benefits and immediately suspend the payments but the spouse and children could continue to claim their portion.  Now, if the primary claimer suspends payments, the spouse and children’s payments will also be suspended. Retirees can Read more →